Our Photographers


~Owner & Photographer

Thanks to my friends and family for all of their support through the years.

If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be the photographer I continue to be today.


I am always blessed with every new face I meet.

These photographs you see from throughout the years.

They are more to me then just photographs.

They are special people that have come into my life, they honored me,

by being able to capture a moment in their life, they always wanted to remember.

For me as a photographer, I am truly blessed.

Tj & Alisha

We are family based photographers with a blended family of 6 residing in Loveland, OH. 

Our mission is to help make lasting memories of your special moments in life.

To us photography is simply not just taking a picture but capturing a story. We look forward to working with you.

Nicole Hupp

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Well hello my new friend! Under this profile you will find a wife, step-mom to 2 crazy boys, and a mommy to 3 kitties! One of my favorite things in the world is hanging out with the hubs in my Hello Kitty pjs pants and tank top while watching the most random things on Netflix. If it was up to me, we would eat cereal for dinner every night. My current obsession in life… nachos! When there are nachos on the menu… there will be nachos on our table. My cell phone is full of pictures of either my step boys, (Caleb and Jacob) or any 3 of my fur kids (Pecko, Miles, and Pixie). 

My photography style? Classic, Intimate and Romantic. My promise to all the couples I get the pleasure of working with is we will have a fun and amazing time together. The photographs I create of your day will capture the raw emotions of love you have for one another. I place as much attention to the details of your day as you have placed in planning your day. 

Have a great day,